Hello and welcome!

I’m Tom Wells. I teach the Linklater ‘Freeing the Natural Voice’ methodology in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In my personal voice teacher practice, I guide clients from all walks of life as they develop their voice. I design experiences that prompt my clients to open new neural pathways to feeling. Galvanized and inspired by newfound awareness of the visceral relationship between their inner lives and the lives of those around them, my clients pursue embodied action at home, in their careers, and in their communities.

Tom Wells is the Founding Artistic Director of Two Pence Theatre Company (formerly of Chicago, IL.).  Tom’s credits at Two Pence include directing the company’s inaugural productions The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet and The Merry Dogs of Reservoir; acting in The Malcontent and The Tamer Tamed; voice and text coaching for Richard II; and teaching classes and workshops including “Owning Shakespeare: A Workshop In Progress,” “Revealing Shakespeare,” “Shakespeare in Play,” the ongoing Two Pence Lab, and “Worthy Warriors” for theatre professionals, students, and U.S. veterans all over the Greater Chicagoland area.

Tom is long time company member of Shakespeare & Company (Lenox, MA.) There he was a Senior Education Artist for 6.5 years. Tom was a 5 time director for the Fall Festival of Shakespeare a “nine week residency program at high schools throughout western Massachusetts and parts of... NY State” supported by the NEA as well as co-directing Shakespeare & Young Co., (16-20 year olds), and being integral in the designing of one of their most popular youth programs, Riotous Youth (7-15 year olds).  He also assisted with the Shakespeare in the Courts  program supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.  A five time veteran of the New England Tour (Shakespeare & Co.) Tom played Hamlet (Hamlet), Cassius (Julius Caesar), Demetrius (Midsummer) The Nurse and Friar (Romeo and Juliet).  Tom also assisted with countless professional development workshops, as well as Shakespeare & Co.’s National Institute on Teaching Shakespeare  (NEA grant recipient).

A long-time member of AEA, has also performed at the The Pearl Theater (NYC) and regional theaters across the country.  Tom holds a BFA from Drake University, and is an Alumnus of The National Theater Institute’s Acting and Advanced Directing Programs. Other training includes well The Moscow Art Theater and The Royal Shakespeare Company.

Tom is also a Designated Linklater Voice Teacher.