Here’s what people are saying…

Tom’s great strength as a teacher is that he is able to marry his extensive knowledge of Shakespeare and of voice work to an intuitive sense of what the student needs in the moment. He is able to improvise, using his knowledge and skills as a basis, and target what is needed for a student to break through the block that is most in their way at that moment. He does this firmly but compassionately, so students always feel challenged, but not discouraged by what is being asked of them. His own standards of how fully embodied the work must be are communicated to the student by how he inhabits the classroom — he listens and reacts to them, and tailors his response to what they need.
— Kathryn Walsh, Director
Tom’s strength as a teacher lies in his perceptive listening skills and emotional capacity. I truly believe he hears me and responds individually to my challenges. Unlike many voice teachers I’ve had in the past, Tom possesses the sensitivity to emotionally hold space for me to find discoveries in monologues and scenes. I always feel Tom working with me to discover my best choices. Tom’s commitment to study and his own process exemplifies that a good teacher is a lifelong student; I have every confidence that the knowledge he passes on to me comes from comprehensive research and practice”
— Eliza Hofman, Actor
Tom is an Excellent Coach. I was blessed to work with him in Chicago and now super exicited he’s in the Bay so I can continue to grow with him. He taught me the skills to be myself while public speaking which is key for a genuine presentation. Thank you Tom for believing and me and bringing out my inner voice!!!!!
— Gia Tumillo, Stylist and Owner of Monarch Salon, Calistoga, CA