Corporate/Public Speaking Coaching

60 mins. $125.00

Do you use voice all day long?

Is your voice tired and hoarse by the end of the day?

Have you ever wondered if you could be more present when it matters the most?

Do you feel misunderstood after presentations or meetings?

Are you searching for those next-level skills to take you to greater heights?

Do you hate speaking in public, but have to because of your job?

Let’s work together to address your concerns.

Linklater Voice Coaching for Actors

60 mins. $85.00

For Actors interested in learning the Linklater Voice Methodology.

Audition/Text Coaching

60 mins. $65.00

Preparing for an Audition? Have a new monologue you want to work on?

Let me help you find success


Dialect Coaching

60 mins $65.00

Are you an actor with an interest in learning a specific dialect?